Windows 10 : What is causing the adaptive brightness feature to remain ON ?

windows 10 brightness issue

A few Windows 10 users are reporting that there is no more a clear way to turn away adaptive brightness. In spite of all the Flexible Brightness settings intentionally set to off, many changed users are reporting that their screen is still getting darker or brighter always.Get Dpc Watchdog Violation Quickly Fixed What’s causing the … Read more

How to Disable Recent Files in Windows 10

Recent Files in Windows 10

Windows 10 has an simple to use interface and much better safety features than its predecessors. Among the newest features added in it’s that the”Recently Opened Files” feature that shows the user’s newly opened files from the File Explorer. But this feature creates some privacy issues if more than 1 person uses the exact same … Read more

Quickly Solve : Windows Update Error 0x8024000b on Windows 10

Windows Update Error 0x8024000b

The Windows update error 0x8024000b is due when the operating system can’t get into the manifest files for updates which are utilized while installing updates on the system. Manifest files are basically XML files which are accompanied by software in addition to Windows updates. Microsoft pushes out updates for different Windows programs in addition to … Read more

Fix: Spotify Keeps Crashing on Windows 10

Spotify is just about the planet’s most renowned music streaming service with users all over the world. It is available on both cellular and PC, but users sometimes have problems with the program crashing on Windows 10. The program stops executing and sometimes even the”spotify.exe has ceased working” error message appears. There have been lots … Read more