How to Disable Recent Files in Windows 10

Windows 10 has an simple to use interface and much better safety features than its predecessors. Among the newest features added in it’s that the”Recently Opened Files” feature that shows the user’s newly opened files from the File Explorer. But this feature creates some privacy issues if more than 1 person uses the exact same Computer. Consequently, in the following guide, we’ll steer you with the approaches to disable this feature.Fix Dpc Watchdog Violation in just some clicks

How To Hide Recent Files in Windows 10 ?

The”Recent Files” feature may be a privacy concern for a number of individuals and here we’ll teach you how you can disable it indefinitely. To be able to disable it, then you can use three approaches that are listed under.Fix Windows Update Error 0x8024000b on Windows 10

Method 1: Clear Recent Files Manually

Information regarding the newly opened files is saved in the kind of encoded data. It is possible to find this information and delete it from time to time. So as to accomplish this:

  1. Press the”Windows” +”R” key simultaneously to start the”Run” Prompt.
  2. Duplicate the following address into it
  3. Click “OK”, press”Ctrl” +”A” and then press”Shift” +”Publish” simultaneously.
  4. Click “Yes” from the instant.
  5. Each of the”Recent Files” exhibited from the File Explorer will then be gone.

Recent Files in Windows 10

Method 2: Disabling through Registry

  1. If you’re using the”Pro” version of Windows 10 you have access to edit the Registry functions. The Registry function includes the option to disable all of the default options of Windows 10. In this measure, we’ll be using the”Recent Files” service indefinitely. For that:
  2. Press”Windows” +”R” on your computer to start the”Run” Prompt.If brightness feature to remain ON in windows 10 you can fix it easily
  3. Type in the following command inside and click “OK”
  4. Click the”User Interface” option and then on the”Administrative Templates” one.
  5. Select the”Start menu and Taskbar” option and in the ideal pane select the”Do not maintain the history of recently opened documents” option.
  6. Double click it and also check the”Enabled” option.
  7. Click “Apply” and then on”OK”.

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