Fix: Spotify Keeps Crashing on Windows 10

Spotify is just about the planet’s most renowned music streaming service with users all over the world. It is available on both cellular and PC, but users sometimes have problems with the program crashing on Windows 10. The program stops executing and sometimes even the”spotify.exe has ceased working” error message appears.
There have been lots of helpful procedures suggested by users to be able to solve the problem, and we’ve opted to incorporate the very prosperous ones in this article. Ensure that you follow the directions carefully, and we’re sure that among those methods will eliminate the problem.You can quickly fix Dpc Watchdog Violation

What causes Spotify to Maintain Crashing ?

There are not many online resources where you can read more about why Spotify keeps searching for a few users, but there are several instances where the origin can be certainly deducted. The process which can be utilized to solve the problem highly Depends upon the real cause of the problem so Be Sure You identify it properly:

  • Spotify might be operating in Compatibility Mode for another operating system, and you should consider unchecking this option from the executable’s Properties. Additionally, ensure that you check this option if it is unchecked since the problem can be solved both ways.Fix Windows Update Error 0x8024000b on Windows 10
  • The SD card you’re using along with your system might have gone corrupt, and also you ought to attempt and format it because it might interfere with the Spotify adware and also make it to crash.
  • Other causes might be directly linked to problems with its setup files, or an upgrade may have been published which protects the problem. In any event, reinstalling the app will resolve the problem.

Option 1: Check or Uncheck the Choice to Run in Compatibility Mode

This technique might appear contradictory, but it’s worked in both manners. Users that did not run Spotify in support mode could solve the problem by doing this and vice versa. You ought to test the process corresponding with your situation and assess if the crashing has ceased.

  1. Find the Spotify.exe document and change its attributes by right-clicking its entrance on the Desktop, the Start menu or the Search results window and then select Properties. Navigate into the Compatibility tab in the Properties window and check the box next to the Run the program as an administrator.
  2. Beneath the Compatibility mode segment, check the box near the Run this program in compatibility mode for alternative and select Windows 8 in the drop-down listing before taking the changes. If this alternative was checked, uncheck it entirely.
  3. Ensure to confirm any dialogs that might appear that you confirm with admin rights and Spotify should start with admin rights from today on. Open it with double-clicking its icon and attempt to find out whether the error still appears.

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